Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SURPRISE! It's Party Time!

I had a great time planning birthday surprises for my husband, Kyle, this year! He has had a crazy year, so I wanted to surprise him with some extra loving from close friends and family.

We started off with a low-key birthday week by opening gifts at home, and having takeout Tony's pizza on his actual birthday while we sat outside and enjoyed the view from our backyard. It was lovely. We also spent time with his parents on his birthday-eve, and my parents spent time with us the night of his birthday for dessert.

This year, his birthday gift from me was a new salmon rod to do some fishing right out of our backyard! I got him the rod, reel and line, and my parents got him some tackle and a big new fishing net. His parents got him an awesome pair of binoculars, which we have used at least once a day since he got them! This is a fun photo the night he got his new fishing gear:

But, it wasn't about the gifts this year, it was mostly about the surprise! The Saturday after his birthday, I threw a big surprise party for him, and he had no idea! The best part is, I was able to keep a secret. Normally I am really bad at keeping birthday secrets, so I was proud of myself that he really had no clue come Saturday afternoon when he showed up at home to a bunch of his screaming family and friends. Here are a few photos my friend Sarah took of the party (thanks for helping document this special day, Sarah!!):

 Kyle is super surprised! Yes!

I created tissue paper party pouf's for my fireplace mantle,
which had various family photos displayed that I framed as part of Kyle's birthday gift

I got lots of help with the food for the party! Thanks friends and family!

 My friend, Liz, made these awesome cupcakes. She needs to open a cupcake cafe, I think!
The flags were super cute but still guy-appropriate.

I printed off family photos of Kyle when he was young to display on our coffee table.
This was with the help of my sister-in-law, thanks Heather!

 My peonies are just starting to bloom. Perfect timing for a party!

We also got to put to use my newly upholstered chairs!

Overall, the party was a huge success. Kyle was surprised, and it felt so good for all of us to spend time with family and close friends to really celebrate him this year. The sun didn't come out much for us, but we were still able to enjoy our patio in the typical Pacific Northwest weather!

What about you guys, did you do anything fun or suprising last weekend?

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  1. Love it! So much

    P.s. Contact me for your cupcake needs! Haha