Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Tip: Hardening Off Your Plants

Hey there! I haven’t posted in while – but it’s all been good stuff! Catching up on some things around the house and in the garden, weeding my little heart out, planting new plants and veggies in a few pots, and most importantly getting ready to celebrate my hubby’s birthday last week! I threw him a surprise party on Saturday with close friends and family, and we had a great time. He was definitely surprised - success!! I will do a post soon with some photos from the party.  

This is a fun photo of Kyle and I from my
aunt and uncle's wedding last summer!

For now, I did want to pass along this quick tip on hardening off plants I saw on the Seattle Tilth website that I found to be helpful. I have recently purchased some veggies for our vegetable garden this year, and I had them in the garage to start hardening them off for about a week. Hardening off your plants is all about slowly adjusting them to the current weather and temperature, especially with some of the wind, rain and cold temperatures we’ve had around here. The plants have been so used to greenhouses that it’s important to slowly get them ready to be outside full time, so they don’t go into shock! My plants enjoyed a couple nice days outside, too, before I planted them in the garden. More photos to come! 
For today, here is a fun iPhone photo of my backyard last week. Come on, Spring!

P.S. We have visual confirmation that the culprit to our garden vandalism is a river otter (or multiple otters!). More to come…

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