Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Vandalism: The Verdict

Kyle and I have determined the invader in our garden that is making a mess is a River Otter. We spotted it one night when we left our outdoor lights on, about 30minutes after sunset a few weeks ago. I did find some helpful information on the Fish & Wildlife website, and also on this Washington River Otter Facts site, but ultimately we were not up for building a fence just to keep the thing out of our yard.

Both River Otter images via WA Nature Mapping Program

Our neighbors created a few barriers that seem to be helping, though, with a combination of bricks, boards and wire. Check it out:

At this point, I've cleaned up the area, but haven't done anymore planting or sprucing up. I tried planting new things when I thought they were gone, and the next day they came back and dug around some more, so I'm just going to leave that area of our garden alone for a while. In fact, just last night they came back again. Dangit!

Some people we've talked to think it's fun, or cute, that they are coming into our yard. I love wildlife and wouldn't trade this for living on the water, but to paint a clear picture for you - we're dealing with their poo, urine and vomit, all of which are stinky with sea food. Catch my drift? Yucky. Don't get me started on how they're digging up my newly planted flowers and plants....

Want to know the difference between a River Otter and Sea Otter? Check out these quick tips here.

Somehow when I used to imagine an otter, all I thought about were the sea otters like these cuties (via this site found on Pinterest). Anyone else?


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