Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First 2011 Bremerton Farmers Market a Success!

Hi friends!  It’s been a busy week of fun that I am excited to catch you up on.

First, we had our first Bremerton Farmers Market last week, which was fantastic and a huge success! Having the vendors on the grass in the park instead of in the cramped parking lot made a huge difference. We have lots of great vendors this year, that would love your support! There were so many great products and items I wanted to purchase, but I limited myself this week to Mt Townsend Cremery cheese, foccaccia bread from a Port Orchard bakery (that was seriously divine!) and a pint of Viking Feast Ice Cream (orange & crème flavor, yum!). It was all about the goodies for me this week.

Kyle and I are doing this new thing where we try a new cheese each week. So, we of course got our cheese from Mt Townsend Cremery this week at the Bremerton Farmers Market, and we decided on Off Kilter for our first week. The website description is that it’s a Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale washed Toma cheese, inspired by nautical traditions of the Salis Sea. It is washed with Pike Brewing Company’s Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale. Seriously delicious!

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to getting a new bar of soap from Made in Manette, and perhaps a new lavender plant for the garden. I think I’ll get another cheese either from Mt Townsend Cremery or Crimson Cove. I tried some smoked cheese from Crimson Cove and it was delicious! They also have smoked salmon, smoked nuts and sea salt.

One quick tip – the Bremerton Farmers Market has this new handy system so that you can now use your debit or credit card for purchases at the market. It sure beats having to stop for cash on the way there! You simply go to the Bremerton Farmers Market booth and purchase as many $5 tokens as you would like (so I purchased $20 worth last week), and then they work just like cash. If your purchase is less than $5 at one of the vendor booths, they give you cash back just like they normally would. Pretty slick!

Stay tuned for an update on the sea otters, our most recent purchase for our patio, and a bathroom remodel reveal! In the meantime, hopefully I will see you tomorrow at the market! For the lastest list of market vendors, check out the website


  1. Yay!! This post makes me want to go back to the market right NOW and pick up some goodies... unfortunately I can't make it out tomorrow (meetings) but I'm already looking forward to next week!

  2. I assume you mean an update on your river otters? We don't have sea otters in puget sound. You have to go out the north coast or maybe up by Neah Bay on the straits.


  3. Ha! Thanks for the correction Connie. Yes, river otters. What's funny is I have been telling people all weekend about our river otter problem, telling them how we have river otters here and not sea otters, and then I go and type sea otters.

    Sarah- looking forward to seeing you at the market next week!