Saturday, June 4, 2011

The day my computer died

Hiya friends!!  I've got some bad news, and I've got some good news.

The Bad News: My computer died! We switched our bedrooms upstairs, and something happened when I moved it that killed it. Maybe it was just shutting it down for the first time in... too long? The old computer has been pretty bad for a while, we've had it since 2002, yikes! I shut it down to move bedrooms, and now it wont turn back on. Crossing my fingers Kyle is able to find a way to get some photos off the old computer soon.

The Good News: We got a new computer! We got an iMac, and we love it! Kyle hooked it up tonight. It has a large screen, and it's so simple. Just one cord is plugged into the wall! Even the mouse and keyboard are wireless. Woot!

Old Computer: Slow, too many cords, no word processor, slow, small, did I mention it was slow? Oh, and dead.

New Computer: Only one cord and oh so pretty! I am still figuring out a few shortcuts, but love it so far. I've been excited to get caught up on the blog this weekend!

Looking forward to blogging it up tomorrow to catch up with you guys. I've missed you. Stay tuned!

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  1. That’s cool! You know what? I think you should thank your old computer because if it were not for it, you wouldn’t have a new iMac. :D Anyway, how’s it going with that beautiful iMac? :]