Monday, May 2, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Sneak Peek

Well, long ago I mentioned my distaste for the seashell wallpaper, grape lights and pink water laminate countertops in our main bathroom. In the beginning of the 2011 New Year as part of our Winter Project List, I started scraping off the wallpaper. Now, months later, we've really made some solid progress on the bathroom renovation! We've painted, changed the light fixtures, removed all the hardware so we can start from scratch, and we got a new simple white shower curtain. It's made a world of difference and has really given the space a fresh, clean feel.

Here is a little sneak peek photo teaser, with more before and after photos to come as we finish up the
details in the bathroom this week.

We went from these old grape lights...

... to this simple, more classic fixture with brown swirls
in the glass to match our floors and shower tiles.

More to come - stay tuned! 

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