Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Home Winter Project List

Well, blogger friends, we’ve been laying a little low on the home improvement blog posts and projects recently. With the holidays, we decided to keep things low key and enjoy our home with close friends and family, and then wait until the new year to start up on projects again.
So, what’s next at Our Sound Home? There is LOTS more to come in the next few months!  Here is a recap of what we’re hoping to accomplish over the next few months this winter.  Let’s break things down list-style:

Winter Interior Projects:
  • Our first major home renovation project after the holidays - the bathroom remodel.  The bathroom is the most dated looking room in the whole house, and it’s also the bathroom used most by our guests on the main level of the house, so it’s at the top of our Home Project List. This project will include taking down the sea shell wall paper, painting, switching out or raising up the vanity and getting a new sink (we’re looking forward to finding something with a higher counter since Kyle and I are both so tall), getting a couple new light fixtures, and either changing or framing out our existing mirror. The overall project sounds pretty big, but we’ll accomplish it in “small bites,” keeping you all updated on the blog along the way. Here are a couple sneak peeks of the current state of the bathroom:


  • Make a decision regarding two of our major light fixtures. When Kyle and I first saw the home at the open house, we thought these light fixtures were super ugly.  The actual fixtures were brown looking, the glass looks kind of cigarette-nicotine stained, and then if you look at them against our old flesh colored paint, it really just looks awful and just brown…brown…brown.  After we painted the dining and living room, it really changed up the space and gave the light fixtures a bit more contrast. Take a peek at these before and after pictures since we painted:



     We’ve also cleaned the light fixtures and it turns out the actual metal is more of a silver color and not so brown (we think it’s oil buildup from when they had an oil heater – super gross wiping off lots of dirty brown stuff – yuck!).  To complicate things, we learned from our home inspection that the lights are potentially worth some good money, so we could sell them and then purchase light fixtures we really love. So, we’ve got a decision to make. For now, I think we’ll wait a little longer until we get artwork up on the walls and get a better feel for what this space is really like with it fully decorated.  I have to admit they are growing on me.  What are your thoughts on these bad boys?

  • Take action on our laundry situation! We have a washer and gas powered dryer upstairs (only the washer works), and another set downstairs (only the dryer works).  I would really like to have the working versions moved downstairs and get rid of the malfunctioning washer and dryer all together. This will free up space in our little room off the kitchen, which I would like to make into more of a mudroom / pantry area.  Having the dryers be gas powered means it’s a little more complicated to move them, but we’ll work it out. Once we move the laundry machines downstairs, we’ll also need to change up our flooring in this room. We noticed recently that the laminate flooring doesn’t go all the way back to the wall where the laundry machines currently are located. Maybe we’ll take up the laminate, do a little sanding, and make use of our hardwood floors? Stay tuned for this project!
  • More Paint Please! Kyle has me convinced we need to do some additional painting – we’re thinking a cranberry color for one of the walls in our entertainment room on the main floor. I also want to paint a wall in our bedroom, and think about painting one of the walls in the hallway upstairs.

    Stay tuned for our Spring Home Project To Do List – coming soon!


  1. What, no photo of the wallpapered-window sill in the bathroom? That's my favorite part! ;) I can't wait to see what you come up with!! (Maybe another trip out to Builders' Bargains?)

  2. PS. I agree about the light fixtures... it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered from when you first moved in! I can see how they may be growing on you.

  3. Oh man I have so many visions for your bathroom. I would love to have a bathroom to redo!

  4. Haha, Sarah- I will be sure and take a photo to share before I take it down, which may be this weekend!!

    Liz- share your visions with me ;-)

  5. i love having a taller vanity. which is odd because im like 6 inches shorts then you and kyle lol. i can imagine how having a shorter one isnt ideal for you two :) Cant wait to see it!!

  6. Hi Sarah, my name is Jodi, and I also live in Manette. I found you by googling commercial rental space in Manette ...then your posting came up on that ADORABLE little retail spot downtown. Id been eyeing it for a few months, finally decided to act (Im a big chicken!) and it had been taken!!! *UGH* I actually teared up! Its just two blocks from my house. I hope they make it cute!
    Anyhow, glad you are enjoying your new home. Im alot older than you..ha ha...but am a huge thrifter/garage saler/builderbargain person too. I wanted to put in a shop in that regard...Im also a home stager.

  7. Hi Jodi! So nice to meet you! I am heartbroken for you that the space didn't work. I haven't noticed any action going on there yet - I have been shocked to see it still empty and thought no one had scooped it up yet. Let me know once you find your special space in Manette, it would be fun for me to check out. I bet you'll find a spot that is even better! We need more people in Bremerton like you! Keep me posted & talk to you soon!