Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Puget Sound Spring Events 2011

Hi friends!

There are a few events I am very excited about this Spring in the Puget Sound area, so I am passing these event dates along to anyone else who may be interested. There is nothing like an antique show, plant sale or farmers market to get my inspiration juices flowing for my home and garden!

Check out more information about each of these events by clicking on the links below:
Looking forward to seeing you there!

P.S. I just have to share this very random photo I saw today,  it's too cute and fun not to share! His name is Herman, and he is a German Giant breed of rabbit (big bunny!). Happy Wednesday!



  1. oh how I love mr. Herman!
    I am also very excited about the Bremerton Farmers Market!

  2. i ditto everything in jessicas comment. i will drive from port orchard just for bremertons farmers market!

  3. I know, isn't Herman the cutest? I think they keep him in the house. I can't imagine having him as a pet.

    The farmers market will be amazing this year, I can't wait! We have a great Board of Directors and I think there will be lots of great things in store for the summer. We'll have to plan on meeting up at the market a few times!

  4. Herman is just like a giant dog.... but a bunny!!!! :-)

  5. What an adorable bunny! I am also looking forward to all the Farmer's Markets this year. Where do they typically hold the Bremerton Farmer's Market? I usually go to the Belfair one.

  6. Sara, please put on some safety glasses when working with power tools. The sight you save may be your own. Thanks,Mark