Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Dining Room Reveal

I am happy to report Kyle and I are just about finished with our dining room. We've decided to keep our light fixture (for now) that we've been debating about for some time now.  In fact, it's something we can cross of our 2011 Home Winter Project List. We both think it looks so much better with the artwork and other design elements, it seems to fit with the colors in the room a bit better.

Here is a reminder of what we were working with when we moved in:

During our big paint project:

After our big paint project:

Lastly, here we are with the finished look:

Here is a quick breakdown of what we did to bring the room together:
  • We added the Washington Wine Country artwork, which was purchased at Maryhill Winery years ago. We got the frame from Joanne's using a 50% coupon. We have always liked this piece, but have struggled with where to put it. I love how that yellow in the light fixture and artwork work so well together, and that the colors pop in the artwork up against the colorful paint on the wall.
  • I also added the table runner, which I purchased unpainted at Ikea a couple years ago.  I had painted it for a bridal bachelorette shower I hosted, and it just so happens to fit in really well with our decor in the room.
  • We added the smaller touches of the yellow candles (which I had already), the photos and candelabra, which all work with the yellow tones as well as the black iron look we have going on in both the dining room and living room.
  • Lastly, we added breezy white curtains from Ikea. These were super simple to hem and put up, we'll hopefully be adding them to other rooms. I love the look of the simple white curtains against the colorful wall and dark wood window frame.
So, what do you think?  Any home design projects you've crossed off your list lately?

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