Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We made it!

Hello world! We are in our new home - woot woot!!

We feel so good and happy to be here. This is the breakdown of our moving extravaganza:

  • We both were able to take off Friday from work to help prep for the move and finish packing a few last minute things. We stayed in the house that night and it felt so odd - hardly any of our stuff was here yet. It almost felt like we were a guest in someones house, not like we were sleeping in our new home!
  • We moved on Saturday when it was nice and sunny (as in 75 degrees, which is wonderful for Bremerton in the fall) with lots of help from friends and family.  We were able to make a dump run with some stuff laying around the house first thing in the morning here in Bremerton, pick-up the moving van in Seattle, get our stuff into the van in about an hour and a half, and then make our way back to our house in Bremerton to unpack. When we got back to the house in Bremerton, we all ate sandwiches outside on the bulkhead and had a beer or glass of wine.  I will never forget that image - seeing our close family and good friend (Sarah, thank you!) all sitting outside in our new home enjoying some time together. 

  • We unpacked, and then enjoyed more food, drinks, toasts and stories together until it got dark. What a wonderful moving day. This whole process of purchasing the home and moving in has been such a blessing and has truly felt meant to be - answers to prayers in so many ways. 

  • We had Sunday at our house to start unpacking together. We made a big trip to Costco, Home Depot, Office Depot, Lowe's and Fred Meyer to get the "necessities" on our list.  We of course have a much longer To Do List, but those things will be completed over time. My dad came over with some tools and Kyle shaved off the bottoms of some of the doors (with the newly installed carpet it was scraping against those big old doors). Kyle got a wonderful set of the necessary tools and a toolbox from his dad - what a big help and fun surprise! Our parents got us a classic Weber BBQ, so we're looking forward to using that this week while it's still sunny.
  • Monday and Tuesday were packed!  Kyle worked those days, but I was able to use up the last of my vacation to unpack as much as possible.  It felt really good to get us settled for the most part.  We still need to paint and put pictures up on the wall - but again - those things will come with time (and more consideration since our walls are plaster and we don't want to put in any unnecessary holes!).

So here we are: Home Sweet Home.  We love our new place and feel comfortable and "at home." We are really looking forward to having lots of family and friends over.  It's nice to have our own place with more space to have people over. I see a Open House in our near future...

As for photos of the house - I promise they are coming!  I will update this post as soon as I get the photos and videos from my family of our moving day.  Once our stuff is a bit more unpacked I will do a full house tour, inside and out, for your viewing pleasure! I'm looking forward to posting LOTS of before and after photos.  There are certainly plenty of projects to keep us busy around here!

Looking forward to sharing more soon!



  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you guys and look forward to reading this blog

  2. YAY!! And you're VERY welcome! I am glad I was able to be there, help you guys out, and of course spend time with you and your families! I'm looking forward to more bloggy goodness and lots of projects! Love ya!

  3. This sounds like an amazing moving day! I can't wait to read more and see photos.

    We got married that month we moved into the house, and I honestly have no recollection of moving. It was only in 2007. We did a lot of it little by little, since we fixed up the house for 6 months before moving in, but I am a little nostalgic, wishing I had the big "moving day" memory. =)

    Thanks for the comment on the blog.

  4. I love reading this! It makes me feel like I'm actually up in WA. I love your writing style and voice Sara. Any chance you can add a link to "follow" the blog?

  5. Thanks you guys!! I appreciate you reading along :-) looking forward to lots of project posts.

    John, hope this can help when you miss WA! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. I added an RSS Feed button at the bottom of the page today. Thanks for the suggestion!