Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm baaaack - with some Adirondack Love

As I mentioned here, I have been on a long blog break for some personal family reasons.  My husband was in the hospital for several weeks, and everything is ok now, but he is still in recovery mode at home before returning to work in a few weeks.  We moved him from the hospital back home this past Friday, and let me tell you, coming home has never felt so amazing!

Let's just say this is one of those times in life where there are growing pains - pain due to so much uncertainty of what our future and life would really look like, and being scared of what could happen to him during surgery - but I've learned so many wonderful lessons along the way.  It's been one of the only times in my life I've felt like God has taken me by the shoulders, given me a good shake, and said WAKE UP!  I know I haven't fully processed everything that has happened in the past few weeks, but Kyle and I are looking at it as a real blessing and growing experience. It has changed the both of us in some really amazing ways, and I'm looking forward to more moments of letting this new perspective I have on life sink in a bit.

For those of you that want future updates on my husbands recovery, and to learn more about what happened in his own words, please check out his video blog here.

While I was in the hospital, I saw an email come in from World Market (one of my favorite stores) with an advertisement about the Adirondack chairs they are now carrying online. Oh goodness, I love all things Adirondack, so this was oh-so-tempting.

Until I saw the price tag - $99.99. I know it's a good price considering that they are Adirondacks, and I've seen them listed online with other retailers or builders for up to $300 per chair. But, come on now, I can't see myself or justify spending that much money on a chair that will mostly stay outdoors. I just can't and wont do it.
So, it got me thinking outside of the box. Could I build one or two of these? My friend, Sarah, used Ana White's furniture DIY plans for the kitchen island she build (now, click on that link and go check out what she built, it's amazing!).

Maybe she would have some plans for a couple Adirondack chairs?

Of course she did! The estimated cost for these plans in materials is $20-50, they would probably be made better (made by me!) than the World Market chairs, and I can customize them with my own paint color or stain. Sounds like a plan. I am not so crazy about the modern, boxy top of these chairs, but could definitely round off the corners for more of a classic Adirondack look. I am adding this to my summer to do list for sure.

Can you tell I'm ready for spring and summer? Who's with me?


  1. so glad you are back...would i be able to drop off some home made cookies this week? i could just drop them on the front porch, even though i havent been to your house i prob could figure out where it is? xoxo

  2. YAY!!!! Oh I can't wait for you to tackle these! You could easily make the tops round like the WM ones, and you could even add curves to the arms instead of just straight 1x4's or whatever they are. My house is too small for all the projects I want to do so I'm thinking I need to add some outdoor furniture to my repertoire, too. <3 (I still love the chairs you found at the antique show, though!)

  3. Nat- why yes you could do that :-) I will send you my address.

    Sarah- you inspire me with your woodworking skills! Looking forward to completing this project. Post coming soon about those chairs!

  4. Ok, so your aunt wants in the chair making fun! I could so put some of those on my new patio!