Friday, January 28, 2011

Organizing Blog Inspiration

It's been a few days since I've posted.  But, it's for good reason. I have been doing a bit of reorganizing around here.  Not around the house, but for the good of the blog!  

You see, every morning and afternoon on my ferry commute, I use my iPhone to catch up on the blog world.  I'm almost embarrassed to say, I follow a total of 167 blogs right now. ACK!  I know. That's a lot.  But, when you have two hours to kill each day on a commute, and you enjoy the blogging community of design inspiration, recipe ideas, news stories, and catching up with friends, why the heck not?  So here is my problem (believe it or not, it's not the crazy number of blogs I follow...), it's that I email the links of posts I really love to my inbox everyday.  Bad idea...I just checked my folder where I keep all of these, and I had almost 200 emails I've sent myself in the past few months of links or photos I want to save for future reference. 

Thank goodness, a work and blogging friend introduced me to Evernote, which is a free iPhone application that will allow me to organize my bloggy-goodness more easily. So, while I organize the craziness, I have taken a super mini blog break.  I'll be back-atcha tomorrow and this next week to recap some of my favorite inspiration for my home and life I've found on the blog-o-sphere.

For now, here is a quick little video for all you kitty lovers.  I posted before about the blog Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, and mama kitty Charlene Butterbean was recently featured in a Friskies kitty video.  If you love cats, it's worth the watch (and pretty short at less than 5 minutes long).  Kitty Charlene was chosen by Friskies to keep a kitty camera on her collar, so you'll see her and the foster kittens on the video (the kittens and the sparkly balls are a good sign that it's her).  Enjoy, and see you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for the double shout out! Glad you're liking Evernote and really hope it helps you organize blog ideas, content and links.

    Enjoy the weekend!