Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kitsap Kitties

I am a cat person.  I love dogs too, but there is nothing like a snuggly little {or big!} kitty.  Kyle and I adopted our kitty, Sophia Darling, when were living in the Seattle area.  She was about 4 years old when we adopted her from the Seattle Animal Shelter in August of 2008.  We couldn't be happier with our kitty choice!  Sophia {we call her Sophie} is everything we wanted - snuggly, social, fluffy, and just such a loving girl to come home to at night. 

Our first night with Sophia, August 2008

Sophie is a musical kitty!

So, today I want to introduce you to a few local blogs and websites in case you're ready to adopt a kitty {or dog, for that matter}, perhaps as a Christmas gift for your family?  These are also some fun websites to look at because the photos are so fun {but don't say I didn't warn you about the temptation to adopt one of your own!}.  The first blog is really one of my favorites that I read daily - it has cute kitten eye candy for all you kitty lovers out there. It's called Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, and it's a wonderful woman who fosters orphaned kittens {usually litters of kittens, or multiple kittens from different litters} for the Tacoma Humane Society. For more information about the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, check out the facts section here.  She also has her own kitty, Charlene Butterbean, who is a beautiful fluffy gal.

Here are some of my favorite photos from her site, starting with their kitty Charlene {who I like to think of as Mamma Kitty} along with some of the beautiful photos of past foster itty bitty kitties:


This Itty Bitty Kitty reminds me of what Sophie may have looked like as a kitten. What a cutie! 

The next site I would like to introduce you to, is called Pitter Pats of Baby Cats.  The mission of this blog is to "match perfect little kittens with equally perfect adopters," and they also foster kitties for the Tacoma Humane Society.  They have a similar story as Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, also with some great photos and videos!

For those of us living in the Kitsap area, and you're looking for a pet, check out the Kitsap Humane Society website. For 2010, so far they have saved 3,616 lives.  Isn't that wonderful?  Check out the list of available pets here.

For those of you that don't live in Western Washington, I would recommend checking your local humane society for what animals are currently available.   I would also recommend Pet Finder, which allows you to search by zip code, animal type, age, size, etc.

In closing, I want to be sure and emphasize that although adopting Sophie has been a joy for us, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  They need a lot of your time, love, and quite frankly, they can be expensive depending on the animal or breed you choose.  Please let me know if you have any questions, and I would be happy to provide some information about our experience with Sophie and her adoption process!


  1. ACK! This is horrible! All those kitty pictures make me want another fluffy baby... but I can't! Louie the Terror Kitty is already enough for Taylor (and me) to handle--hm but maybe another would keep him occupied and leave Tay alone? I could talk myself into another kitty much too easily.

  2. I still can't believe I've never met Sophie! She's gorgeous--I love her coat.