Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Moment

Yesterday there were a couple special moments for me on my commute home, because it was such a beautiful evening!  Did anyone else love the orange-pink sunset and big, full, beautiful moon?  This was the view off the boat as we docked in Bremerton yesterday (only had my iPhone for photos, sorry so small!):

Then, I stepped off the boat, and saw a huge yellow moon. It was the first full moon since the December Solstice.  As we came over the Manette bridge, closer to my bus stop, I was in love. Washington is the place I call home, and I am blessed! 

I stepped off the bus for my short walk home, and there was just a bit of daylight left in the day.  It’s been a few months since I’ve seen it that light on my walk home, and it was great!  A nice, small taste of what summer will be like in Manette and in our home.

I always try and walk quickly to our house to see the ferry going by.  I made it in time last night and was able to see the dark blue clear skies, full moon above the water, and see the ferry go on its way back to Seattle.  I stepped outside to take a couple photos (I would share them here, but they don’t do justice!), and was joined by my neighbors who were also soaking up the view and snapping a few photos.  Ducks were in the water, I could hear the ferry waves crash into our bulkhead, and seeing that big moon so full above me was wonderful.

This is my home. I am truly blessed!


  1. Did you go into starbucks that evening off the ferry to get a coffee. i was in there in a meeting and thought i saw you but couldnt tell

  2. No, I didn't Brandon! I have been taking the bus at night while it's dark when I get home. :)