Monday, December 6, 2010

Review of Winterfest in Bremerton

Being a new homeowner in Bremerton and a fan of Christmas celebrations, I was really excited about Winterfest this year.  I am happy to report, I was thrilled with the local business support and Christmas cheer at this years celebration!

I am a ferry commuter because I work in Seattle, so I got off the ferry at about 5:30pm.  Kyle takes the next ferry home, which meant this year I was all on my own at Winterfest.  I grabbed an apple cider at Starbucks, and then I was on my way to join in the festivities.

I was thrilled to see the Bremerton High School band and drill team perform.  I was the captain of our drill team in high school, so I definitely have a soft spot seeing high school bands, dancers and parades (in fact, I remember performing at Winterfest - a very chilly but fun performance!).  The band played Christmas carols, and the drill team danced along.  At about 6pm, Santa arrived!  As an adult, even I got a lot of joy watching him come towards the tree in a flashing fire truck, get out, and greet the children that were there with their families to celebrate.  There was a count down, and then Santa lit the tree!  There were oooh's and ahhh's from the audience and children, and lots of cheering.

I made my way down the street towards one of my favorite antique shops in Bremerton - Simply Renewed Antiques.  I was happily surprised that the store was not only open, but there was an adult group of Christmas carolers and treats inside.   It was a fun experience to listen to the music as I shopped.
At about that time, I made my way towards the bus so I could get home at meet my husband for the Magic in Manette portion of Winterfest.  As I was walking towards the bus, I was greeted by a large cart being pulled by some beautiful horses.  The cart was full of cute kids and their families.


Once home, we hopped in the car so we could make it to Winterfest in Manette.  Although we missed the tree lighting, we celebrated at Der Blokken Brewery (one of my local favorite restaurants in Manette) for a drink and warm comfort food.  After eating, we were able to enjoy the beautiful classic white lights that line the trees in Manette as we made our way to the Manette Christmas Tree.  We heard from others that this will be the last year the Manette tree is lit, since it will be taken down for the new Manette bridge.

Overall, would give Bremerton an A+ for getting lots of businesses involved.  I know I'll be back to visit the places I missed to get a start on my Christmas shopping!  Did any of you make it out to Winterfest, or enjoy another local Christmas celebration?

PSST - Tomorrow I'll show how we decorate for Christmas in our home!  I look forward to sharing how we are keeping things simple since we're in our first year of home ownership. Stay tuned!

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