Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm in love... with a mirror... no really!

I saw this mirror a few months ago at Pier 1, at the time for $250. You know me, I love a good deal, so I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a mirror. Even if it was super beautiful and unique, I just couldn't do it.

 via Pier 1

But, I have thought about it over and over again since then. It's one of those purchases I didn't make, that I look back on and wish I did.

Not only that, but I was continuing to get reminded of my love for the honeycomb mirror via Pinterest and other bloggers (here, here and here for example). Apparently I wasn't the only one loving this mirror.

Well, I just so happened to be in a Pier 1 the other day with my sister, and what did I see? The mirror! In the clearance section for only $100. It was missing a couple of the smaller mirror pieces, but I knew those would be easy to find and replace if I did a little shopping online. Still, $100 for a broken mirror? hmmm...

So, I asked the sales associate if they could bring the price of the mirror down any lower.  I'm usually not very good at wheelin' and dealin' but I knew this was a mirror from the spring season, and it had a couple missing pieces after all. Sure enough, she brought the price down to $50! Wahoo!

Now, I have one last problem: the hubster (husband). He's not so in love with this mirror, in fact, he kind of hates it. I know it's a statement piece, and I probably should have asked his opinion in advance since it's so huge, I just felt like I couldn't pass up the opportunity since I had been thinking about it for so long.

What if I lost my last chance to get the mirror?

I am of course super curious what you think! Let me know - do you love it or hate it? Leave me some love in the comment section! Part of me likes that it's so pretty and shiny but also kind of rough - it looks almost nautical for some reason, like a sea creature. Am I going crazy over here?

P.S. Here are two last images, of a similar mirror from Wisteria for almost $2,399 - makes my deal even sweeter, right?

image via Domino

image via Wisteria


  1. Sarah, I LOVE it and wish it were mine!

  2. Great purchase & I love the mirror! Hopefully your husband will grow to like it once it is in context of a room in your house!