Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bird Love

We just posted about our Bird House Love because of our recent bird house construction project, and wanted to follow-up with some actual Bird Love. Since we put up the bird houses, we’ve been enjoying some bird watching out one of our big windows in our living room.  

 We were  skeptical that the birds would even be interested in the new bird houses this season since we just put them up, but I think because they are in the same location and look so similar to the old bird houses, they have been extra interested.  We’ve also noticed they’ve been doing a little love making of their own, so maybe with Spring being here they’re extra into our bird houses to build nests?  

We’ve seen birds going busily in and out of the houses with little twigs to build the nests, which is so fun to watch. Glad our little birdies are happy!

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