Friday, April 15, 2011

April Antiquing Adventures

I have a few antiquing finds I haven't yet shared with you, so here is a quick round-up of a few different goodies.

First is a lantern I found at this antique show that I think is really cute, but it was super rusty. I knew this would be an easy project, so purchased it for $8 and brought it home. I gave it a good scrub down, let it dry, and then sprayed some trusty black Rust-Oleum spray paint. Now I've got a cute lantern to put outside this summer on our patio that will match our new furniture.

Just this last weekend, I took a mini trip to the Port Orchard Antique Mall and found a few fun things (I don't know how you to to a place that size and NOT come away with goodies!). I found this big "full gallon" bottle for $10. I filled it with our stash of wine cork's and right now it's next to our fireplace.

Lastly, I found these candle holders, for $6 total. You can't beat that! I love the green-blue sea glass.

Have you guys found anything fun antiquing or thrifting lately? What are some of your Spring finds?

PSST - Want to see something fun and exciting for OurSoundHome?  Rust-Oleum is putting my project from yesterday (where I used Rust-Oleum spray paint) on their Facebook page! What a fun Friday treat. Check it out here: The funny thing is, I wrote this second post, where I also used some Rust-Oleum, before knowing I was going to be featured. 

I looked at the Facebook page, and it's a pretty cool site with lots of good project inspiration and challenges (and no, I was not paid or sponsored for these posts, I just love the product and want to share the tips with my readers!). Now, head on over there to check it out, it should be up sometime today!

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  1. The lantern turned out great! I barely even recognized it as the rusty find it once was. And I am in LOVE with your jug of corks! Such a great use for your find and a fun way to display your collection! (YAY for Rust-Oleum!!!)