Monday, March 7, 2011

Here Chick Chick Chick!

I had the pleasure of visiting my aunt and uncle's home in Eastern Washington during a long weekend in early January, and I was in for a treat!  I have been interested in getting chickens of my own someday, especially now that they are legally allowed in Bremerton, but my long days in Seattle for work currently keep me from doing so. I know that someday I will have chickens of my own, but for now, seeing these wonderful chickens at my family's home was sure fun.

My uncle recently built a chicken coop, shown in the below photo. The area where the chickens eat and sleep at night is on the right, and there is an enclosed chicken run on the left. There is also a little door they open up when it's warm enough for the chickens to roam around outside, and then they simply go back inside at night.

While we were there for our visit, my aunt showed me the chicken feeding routine. I was also able to pick-up a younger chicken, they were quite friendly and I would even say pretty snuggly!

More photos of the inside where the chickens eat and sleep at night:

  A couple eggs we collected, different sizes and colors from the different bird breeds:

Here are some chicken resources for those of you that are interested in learning more:
  • Seattle Chicken Coops - a local man in Ballard (Seattle) who makes chicken coops to purchase. He also has a blog with photos of his designs as inspiration.
  • The book Keeping Chickens with Ashley English - I got this book for my dad as a gift for Christmas, because they are interested in getting chickens this summer. It's fun to get ideas, but also gives practical advice of things to be prepared for and how to care for chickens of your own.
  • We Want Urban Chickens in Bremerton Facebook Group - This is the group that helped to make having chickens possible in Bremerton, and they have a lot of great tips, articles and classes regularly posted on their Facebook site that are helpful and fun to read.
  • Seattle Tilth Classes - Seattle Tilth often has great classes available if you're up for the ferry ride to Seattle. Currently there are a few great chicken courses lined up, including City Chickens 101, City Chickens 201 and Starting with Chicks.
  • Backyard Farming Blog - this blog is a good resources for lots of tips on farming, including chickens! Here are some places to look for Backyard Chickens 101 Part 1 & Backyard Chickens 101 Part 2.
Have any of you found any great resources for keeping chickens? Or already have some of your own?


  1. believe it or not they have a sign on the door...pets welcome. xoxo

  2. I loved having chickens when I was little, it was great!

  3. I didn't know you had them when you were little, Jess! That's awesome! Was it when you lived in CA?

  4. I SO want chickens and a cute coop. I talk about it constantly. Luckily, my husband is totally on the same page. Now we just need to find a farm to move to. ;)