Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautify Bremerton!

So, for those of you that live in Bremerton, have you picked up your Beautify Bremerton sticker from Hi-Lo's yet?

Beautify Bremerton

Kyle and I got our sticker the first time we made a visit to Hi-Lo's after we moved into our new home. If you haven't picked your sticker up yet, make a stop at Hi-Lo's for breakfast and grab one (last time I checked, they're still free!). We proudly display our sticker on our fridge.

Kyle and I are big fan's of Hi-Lo's, check out their website here and the restaurant review I did here.

Pssst: Here is a secret - You can eat breakfast in the VW Bus outside of Hi-Lo's, even in the cold weather! My dad, sister, and I ate in the VW bus last time we were there. It's awesome - there is a cozy heater, music is playing in a boom box, and there are lots of fun bumper stickers to checkout while you're waiting for your food.  Give it a try next time you're there!

Dad (Steve), Sister (Casey) & Me (Sara)

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  1. i have a sticker on my truck.....i used to be neighbors with that couple. woot woot.