Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Local Breakfast Spot Fave

Have you ever been to Hi-Lo's 15th Street Cafe? If not, you are missing out on a great spot for breakfast right here in Bremerton.  I have a soft spot in my heart for cafes and cozy little breakfast places. I was a barista and server at Cafe Destino when it was still open back in 2005-ish, and I loved it! It made me so happy to come into work and meet new people, and catch-up with neighbors and 'regulars.' The cafe was located near Evergreen Park and now is a yoga studio and cafe, called Samudra Yoga. Someday I will have a cafe of my own. But for now, Kyle and I will be visiting Hi-Lo's as our new favorite breakfast cafe. It is an all-around everything I could need in a great local breakfast spot!

  • Inexpensive, good food ~  For breakfast, they have the basics, and all the items I've tried have been very tasty! Check out their menu to see breakfast / lunch options and prices. You typically pay anywhere between $4 - $9 for breakfast and a bottomless cup of coffee at $1.75 each. So, that means you can get breakfast for two and unlimited coffee for about $15-$20. That works just fine for me! I think this pricing strategy is smart because the food is good and the low prices encourage local residents to visit often.
  • Quality ~  The food quality is great - I would say about a 4 out of 5 stars. It's simply good breakfast food. They also have specials, like the Eggs Benedict I had this past weekend, to change up the menu.  I think it's smart to keep the menu somewhat limited and then change out the specials to ensure the food is consistently tasty.
  • Fun, Friendly Atmosphere  The service at this place has always been great. It's always genuinely friendly and fun, but not too perky if you know what I mean - especially since I typically go to breakfast without having my first cup of coffee for the day yet. Sometimes Kyle and I sit next to another couple at a four person table, which still gives us some privacy but keeps the vibe relaxed and friendly.  I am the type of person who doesn't mind meeting my neighbors, so I'm all for the shared seating since they are quite busy. The decor at the restaurant is vibrant - full of bright, fun colors. Regardless of what table you sit at, you're sure to be entertained by the vintage newspaper advertisements under the glass tables, or the funky art on the wall.
  • Great Story, Good People ~ We had a chance to talk with the gal who I believe is the owner. She is a happy lady who is there every time we visit, and if she isn't the owner, she has certainly been there since the beginning. My favorite thing about this restaurant is the story of how this little corner breakfast cafe came to be. She told us that they lived all over the Northwest - throughout Bremerton, Bainbridge Island and the Seattle area. They also lived in areas of California, before coming back and settling in Bremerton.  When they finally got to Bremerton, they lived here and thought about what this community needed.  They realized that Bremerton needs a nice local restaurant - a cafe where neighbor's gather and eat good food.  A fun place to encourage positivity in this town.  So, they purchased the building in 2000, and continued working their 'day jobs' until it was renovated to their standards.  In 2003 they opened, and have expanded their hours since then.
  • Funky Design ~ There are a few very cool design elements to the space at Hi-Lo's. A few of my favorites include the back of a Volkswagen bus that is mounted to the wall; it's called the Sunshine Station (on the license plate frame). The window to the bus is open, and it has a self-serve coffee station! Very cool. The photo below is from their website, and the gal on the right with red hair is the lady who told us the story of this cafe (and I think she's the owner):
  • You get pick-out your coffee cup on your own from a large collection of vintage cups. My cup from last week is below, labled 'Big Boss.' That works for me!
  • They also have a huge Thermos Collection that lines a shelf on an upper wall.
  • Lastly, something we just saw when we were there this past weekend, is that they have a Volkswagen Bus outside that has been turned into a booth where you can be seated and served breakfast! I loooove this. It's the only spot in that place where they take reservations, so be sure and call ahead if you really want to sit there. Next time we go with friends or family, we'll be sure to reserve the space!


  1. What a fun place! We have a few favorite haunts in our area that we love. I think locally-owned establishments just have so much more 'heart.'

  2. Enjoyed reading save a place for me.