Friday, December 17, 2010

Sophie's Snazzy Dishes

Some of you have already met our kitty, Sophia. We like to keep things interesting, so we've snazzied up her kitty food and water dishes a few months ago.  Instead of being limited to the dishes from a pet store, we were inspired by the blog Young House Love and found our own dishes for little Sophia.

 First, I would recommend choosing a plate, or another rectangular dish to put your food and water bowls on. This allows any spills (by us, or Sophie) to get caught on the plate instead of going all over the floor. We got this one at World Market for just a few bucks in the sushi section:

Next, we picked out a smaller bowl for her food and a larger bowl for her water.  We got lucky and found these matching bowls at World Market as well:

Of course we need some additional bowls - just in case one of them is in the dishwasher or we want to change things up a bit. I found this one at an antique store, but you could very easily find something similar at Goodwill for just a couple buckaroos:

So there you  have it!  That's our little Sophia's designer dishes, for a small cost and lots of smiles. OK.... maybe Sophie doesn't care, and I'm the one smiling, but that's ok, too! Have you guys thought of any other creative ways to feed your kitties or pups? Do you have a self feeder to keep things easy, or something more special and fancy for your pet?

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  1. As you have heard the self feeder does not work! haha. I would love to do something like this! Cute, cute, cute!