Monday, November 1, 2010

Investing in Bremerton

"The decision to make a major investment now is based both on our desire to stay true to our roots and to be part of the solution for downtown.  We decided to do what we know needs to be done here – it’s the same thing that’s needed in almost every small downtown across America.   We’re investing.. " - Rice Fergus Miller Architecture & Planning.

Photo: RFM blog

A Bremerton architecture firm, Rice Fergus Miller Architecture & Planning, is renovating the old Sears Annex in downtown Bremerton and are documenting the construction and planning progress on their blog. The above quote is regarding why they chose to that particular building, and why they chose downtown Bremerton. The Sears Annex has stood empty since the early 80's when Sears moved into the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale. As Mike Miller stated for this article regarding the building, "unless somebody is going to move into it, is going to sit empty."

On the company blog, they stated that the focus and goals of the project include:
  1. Connection to the community
  2. Support of the way they work and the culture of the firm
  3. Sustainability 
It makes me proud that they are making it a priority to invest and make a connection with our community. In fact, it's one of their core values. What's exciting is that a company with these types of goals, is having a lot of success! In fact, they were rated one of Washington's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies by Puget Sound Business Journal. Congrats Rice Fergus Miller!

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