Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh, a thrifting we will go...

My good friend Sarah (who has an amazing blog with DIY home ideas and beautiful photography) went on a super fun day trip with me last weekend to the Port Orchard Antique Mall. It was the day after her birthday, so I felt lucky I could snag some extra time with one of my best girlfriends!

It's always fun to go shopping with someone who also isn't rushed, and most of all someone who is honest with you when you ask for their opinion. It's so easy for me when I'm antiquing or thrifting to get excited by a good deal, when really it's something I don't really want or need. Sarah is also good to bring along when it comes to furniture - because SHE BUILDS HER OWN! How amazing is that! She's a true DIY'er!

I actually was quite proud of myself, because I walked out of the antique store (after several HOURS looking around!) spending less than $25. This is what I got:

Cute pail & Wooden Crate - I was going to use the pail as my weed bucket when I walk around the garden, but Sarah suggested I use it for flowers on my front porch. See what a good friend I have? Also, there were some of these crates in the neighborhood of 20 bucks, which I knew was ridiculous. But, when I saw this one (which was actually more sturdy than the rest) for only $4, I knew it was mine!

Water Goblets - when moving we broke a few wine glasses, so I needed a few quick substitutes and thought these would do (even if they are a little big). I love the shape and color. I got three total (one was in use when I took this photo), for $1 each.

I also got a small french painting that I really like for $6. I just need to figure out where to put it!

So then a few days later I decided I should try out the antique mall on Perry Avenue - I felt like I was on a roll. Sure enough, I found some great deals!

I couldn't believe this - wine glasses in the same style as my water goblets I got in Port Orchard! I am a lucky gal. There were 5, and I bought them all for $1 each.


Here is a photo of each size from the two antiquing trips:

I also got another crate. I know... I didn't really need this one. I already had one for the main porch, I certainly didn't NEED another for our back porch. But this one says Kitsap Dairy Co. on it, and I just think it's cute. This one was $10.

So there you have it! I would say I had two pretty successful antique store trips. Not only that, it spruced up our porches with some fall decor.  Happy Halloween!


  1. I love how you've displayed the crates!! I'm thinking I might have to do something like that for a side table in my living room... you've got me thinking! (I had such a great time with you and I can't wait to do it again!! I need to measure my wall so I can go get one of the window-mirrors!)

  2. I think we could do something kind of like this table I saw on a Decor8 post today:

    You could make it out of a crate instead, maybe put some sort of basket like this inside, and then I'm thinking you could add little wheels on the bottom or something to get it up off the floor a bit? Yes. I like it.