Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cafe Day Dreaming: The Patio

Kyle and I noticed right away when we moved to Manette that this cute restaurant, The Patio, was closed and up for sale. It makes me so sad to see businesses like this that don’t make it – we need more spaces like this in Bremerton! I had only been once for breakfast, and in my opinion it was a bit spendy for our area and had a limited menu, but it was quite unique and refreshing to have some diversity of restaurants in the area.

I found the posting for this place, and it’s less than $50,000 folks! If Kyle and I were further along in our careers and we hadn’t JUST purchased our first house (with our own fair share of projects), I think I would have to seriously consider purchasing this place. It was remodeled recently by Hecker Architects, so you can check out some additional photos here.

It’s pretty small, but I think it would make a super sweet little café. People walk by this place all the time to and from the ferry, and just while they’re out and about around Manette. I think you could make the outdoor patio area a cozy secret garden vibe, with some taller lush plants that make it more secluded (not blocking the water view, of course). It could be a spot where dog-walkers could eat outside and keep their little critters with them at their tables (complete with a big dog bowl and treats). Maybe one of those outdoor heaters, and definitely some medium-bulb lights for a soft glow. The garden area could be finished off with a sweet little iron gate.

As for a menu, it already has a kitchen so that provides some flexibility. I’m thinking things like…. coffee and tea served all day (obviously), with freshly baked scones and muffins. Free refills on the coffee for sure to keep the regulars coming back. For the middle of the day into the evening, it could transition more to a wine bar serving wine and beer, with small plates. Things like a variety of cheeses, hummus, other spreads, including crusty freshly baked bread. This would be easy stuff that the staff could make without needing to hire an actual chef (to keep costs low).

In fact, you can easily get quality pre-made scones, muffins, cookies, bread, etc. that is in dough form. Then you just need to pop it in the oven to bake it, so that it’s freshly made and warm. We did this when I worked at Café Destino and I thought it was a great idea, a quick and easy way to provide that freshly baked taste and smell.

Inside, I love seeing long community tables where people can sit together in groups, or even sit together as individually. The table could be made out of reclaimed / recycled wood.

This is something you could make yourself! Check it out here. Also of course some standard café tables, maybe some soft seating to keep the vibe cozy and comfortable. I don’t think there would be the space in this place to have a full live band, but you could certainly have an acoustic guitar player or two on the weekends.

That’s my little day dream for this place. Someday I’ll own something like this of my own. For now I’ll dream about what could be! Come on someone – buy this place! I need a coffee shop close by for Kyle and I to hang out on the weekends.

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