Saturday, June 25, 2011

Outside Our Window: A June Boat

A couple of days ago I saw something really odd in the water. I was inside the house, upstairs, and noticed a little boat floating by outside our window.  When I say little, I mean child size - check it out:

So I went outside to take a closer look. It was actually a beautifully carved little boat, and there was a note of some kind inside. I tried my hardest to get it, but it was just too far out in the water, the tide was out, and it was way too cold to go swimming after it (I admit - in the moment, that thought briefly crossed my mind!).

I am curious who eventually got the boat, or will find it some day in the future. It sure was a fun little surprise outside my window this week!

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  1. Hi Sara, I wrote you a note back in January and just now realized you responded. too funny. I have a blog now too. I've signed up to get your posts by email. Im looking forward to reading your sweet blog. I think that I would've jumped in for that little canoe! The curiosity would kill me:) Love the peonies too, we just planted 5 plants! They smell so good. Have a great 4th. I bet you have a wonderful view of the fireworks!