Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Garden Kitty

We got Sophia Kitty when she was about 4 years old; we found her at Seattle Animal Shelter back in 2008. One thing we have always been sure of is in her previous life, she was at least partially an outdoor kitty. She has always seemed pretty content staying inside (she never tries to get outside and make a run for the door), but from the way she attacks her toys to the way she watches the birds outside our window, there is something in her that shows us she was outside at one point in her life.

Kyle and I have made the choice to keep her inside, not only to protect her from vehicles, but also so she doesn't get lost. Before Sophia came to Seattle Animal Shelter years ago, they found her outside alone. So, one of my biggest fears is that for whatever reason she goes outside and doesn't make her way back home.

I have always felt a little guilty keeping her inside, because I can tell by the way she sniffs fresh air in the window and the way she lays in the sun that she certainly would enjoy going outside every once in a while. So, it made me smile when we brought this bouquet of roses and mint from the garden into a vase on our kitchen table, and see Sophie enjoying them so much.

Maybe she can still be an indoor garden kitty, after all. I couldn't bring myself to shoo her off the table, seeing her enjoy the roses so much! Too sweet.

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  1. Sophia is a beautiful kitty. I love rescue cats (I have two of them.) My former indoor/outdoor cat is indoor only after neighborhood cats started disappearing a couple of years ago.

    Have you ever considered building a "catio" around your yard and garden? It could give Sophia a safe place to enjoy the sun and fresh air, and help keep the otters out of your garden.