Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Boats are Coming!

The Bremerton Yacht Club Christmas Boat parade is coming this Friday and Saturday – are you ready?
I have had the opportunity to see them the past few years, but I’m really looking forward to seeing them this year now that we are back to being Bremerton residents again.  Check out the route and schedule here.


Santa will be on one of the boats, and you can even request a special shout out from him here as they sail by the house or park where you watch from shore.   My aunt and uncle took my sister and I to a park a few times as children to see the Christmas boats, with thermoses of hot cocoa in hand, and it was such a fun surprise to hear him call us by name from the water.  After, we would then ride along in the car singing carols and looking at our favorite Christmas Light displays.

Check it out and have fun!

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  1. I'm so sad to be missing the Christmas Ships! I remember all of the Christmas Ship Parties that my parents used to host at their house. Have fun!