Friday, November 5, 2010

Gifted Magazine

I know, I know. Christmas already? I'm normally one that likes to wait until after Thanksgiving to get started on the Christmas stuff (shopping, picking out a tree, decorations, music...) but I am really excited about this magazine and want to share.

First of all, I love magazines. They make me happy. I have a few subscriptions, but they are typically torn a part and put into my own three-ring binder so I can keep all my recipes, design ideas, DIY projects, etc., organized to my liking and all in one place. Call me crazy {Kyler does already}, but I love it. I love scanning them for my favorite articles, then going back and reading the magazine, I love cutting my favorite things out, and then organizing it my way.

Well this is a magazine that I can't cut apart, so I'm going to do a little "cutting" and "re-organizing" right here. This magazine, Gifted, is online and is fantastic! It's a gift guide, but that doesn't mean it has to be for Christmas, people! It can be ideas of things you want to get for yourself now, items or art for your home, and there are some DIY ideas in there, too. There are some free things to print out, and my favorite - some insight into the creative process of several designers. Very cool.

If anything, this will {hopefully} inspire you, like it does me, to branch out and get some things for our home {maybe even some Christmas gifts... eventually} at places other than the local mall. There are items for guys, gals, teens, kids and even pets. It also has some really beautiful photography, so it's fun just to flip through for the heck of it.

For those of you that have never checked out an online magazine, you are in for a treat! When you see an item you like, you hover over the item with your cursor and a little link pops up. You click on that link, it opens up a new window, taking you directly to the item you were looking at in the magazine. That means you don't loose your spot in the magazine, and you don't have to google an item or company. You are taken right to the item - love that.

To entice you, these are some of my favorite items featured, although you really should just check it out for yourself.

Pet or Key chain ID Tags

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Plans

old fashioned glasses
2 for $20

Clothing for Pups
{no puppy at this house, but love this stuff!}

Happy reading!

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