Monday, October 25, 2010

Mason Jar Love

I'm a fan of mason jar's, all shapes and sizes. I am not a major collector of them, but I do enjoy seeing their many uses. For example, I came across this idea (via blog Decor8) for sprucing up a light fixture to the tune of less than $4:

Also loving these Mason jar Soap Dispensers from Midwest Finds on Etsy:

And these wooden shelves on Etsy by OldNewAgain:

As for me, I use the mason jars with handles for drinking glasses. I found mine at an antique store for just a couple bucks each. Here is an example from Pottery Barn:

Mason. Jar. Love.


  1. I LOVE that idea for the light fixture. Oh I cannot wat to buy a house and fix it up all country like :-)

  2. I LOVE Mason jars!! I love using them as vases, too. GW usually sells them from around 20 cents each. I haven't seen the aqua color there, but sometimes they'll have the old-school shapes.

  3. I know... it's hard for me to get rid of them. Ususally I use them as glasses, a small flower vase, or even for tea light candles.

    Jessica - Can't WAIT to see what you do with your future house!

    Gotta love GW finds like that, huh Sarah?!