Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to Our Sound Home!

Hi friends!

I’m so glad you’ve found our blog. We’re looking forward to sharing our story and adventure with you!

My husband, Kyle and I, are in the process of purchasing our first house in Bremerton, and couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been thinking of purchasing a home at some point in the next year or two, until we stumbled upon this house. Needless to say, things have moved much more quickly than we had planned, but we have felt truly blessed throughout the home buying process.

We found the house initially by using the Redfin App on my iPhone, and stopped in to check out the open house on a weekend we happened to be in Bremerton. It’s a house on the water, which both my husband and I have always valued but thought was more likely for our second home. The idea of first house being on the water seemed too good to be true. But, more than the house being on the water, this was the first house we saw that we truly felt "at home" in.

After seeing the home, we went to a friend’s going-away party, and told all of our friends about the home and how special it was. It was a little pricey, but we just loved that house. At the party, one of our good friends reminded us that her dad is a Real Estate Agent, and gave us his contact information. At this point, getting this house still seemed too good to be true, but we held onto that contact information just in case.

Later that week, we went on a family vacation to Hawaii. We bought Home Decorating and Landscaping magazines to look at on the flight. We couldn’t stop thinking about the house, and we were considering putting an offer on the home when we returned to Washington. On vacation, we couldn’t stop thinking of all the things we wanted to do to the house, which colors we wanted to paint it and how to landscape the property. We really couldn’t get our mind off this house! Then, while we were still on vacation – we got the good news – the price was reduced and was now more reasonably in our budget!

At this point, we felt like everything was falling right into place. Just the fact that we found the home (when we weren’t really looking), found an amazing Real Estate Agent that is so genuine and trustworthy with 15+ years of experience, and that they lowered the price making it more affordable for us. Sure enough, we made an offer, it was accepted by the sellers, and now we’re weeks away from moving in. We are blessed!

So, now that we’re so close to closing on the house and moving in, we wanted to start a blog to share our journey and adventures. Not only will we be posting about the transformations we make to the house and how we make it our home, but we’ll also be sharing snippets about our life here in the Pacific Northwest. We will now live on the Puget Sound (hence the name of the blog – Our Sound Home) in Manette, and we’re excited to share about this up-and-coming neighborhood. Look for more posts coming soon! We’re excited to share with you!

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